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NAFTA Superhighway 2/19/08

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Road to Serfdom Is Indeed a Conspiratorial Highway

Dalmia and Gilroy are either weak on their own analytical skills or they have an exceptionally low opinion of the reasoning powers of LA Times readers. The fact is, the NAFTA agreement did not just show up overnight on the doorstep of Congress in 1993. The I-69 corridor planning in 1991 was concomitant with the negotiations and planning of the NAFTA agreement done during the first Bush administration — before it was passed with the essential aid of Clinton The First in 1993. NAFTA was, in the main, a done deal when the I-69 work was breezing through Congress as part of some pork-laden highway bill...http://www.jbs.org/node/5657

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